Health and Wellbeing

Boston Big Local will support the coordination of existing Health and Wellbeing activities and fund additional activities where there is an identified need. A lead delivery partner will coordinate the activities under each priority and any activities or services funded will not replace statutory services.

Outcomes for all priorities under this theme

We will know we have made a difference when:

  • Residents from Boston Big Local area are more aware of their health needs and where they can get relevant information.
  • Residents of all ages from the Boston Big Local area take up more opportunities to help improve their health and wellbeing.
  • Residents tell us they feel better informed, access facilities and feel healthier.

To achieve these outcomes, the Partnership Group decided on the following priorities:

  • Ensure there is accessible information relating to residents’ health and wellbeing.
  • Provide opportunities to improve residents’ health and wellbeing through music, sport and cultural activities for: children and families; young people; residents from across the community; older residents.

Agreed activities


Code: 1.1.1 Activity: The Story in Stitch Delivered By: Lincs Embroiderers Guild

1.1.1 Embroiderers Guild Q1 report – July 2019
1.1.1 Embroiderers Guild Q2 – October 2019
1.1.1 Embroiderers Guild Q3 – January 2020
1.1.1 Embroiderers Guild Q4 – April 2020

Code: 1.1.2 Activity: Woodcarving Project Delivered By: Boston Wood Carvers

1.1.2 Boston Woodcarvers Q1 – July 2019
1.1.2 Boston Woodcarvers Q2 – October 2019
1.1.2 Boston Woodcarvers Q3 – January 2020
1.1.2 Boston Woodcarvers Q4 – April 2020

Code: 1.1.3 Activity: Potential Arts Project Delivered By: TBD

First report coming soon.

Code: 1.1.4 Activity: Potential Arts Project Delivered By: TBD

First report coming soon.

Code: 1.2.1 Activity: Arts for Dementia Delivered By: Boston Mayflower

1.2.1 MEMORY LANE Q1 – July 2019
1.2.1 MEMORY LANE Q2 – October 2019
1.2.1 MEMORY LANE Q3 – January 2020

Code: 1.3.1 Activity: Provide Cyling Road Show Event (1&2) Delivered By: Boston Borough Council

1.3.1 Cycling roadshow Q1 – July 2019
1.3.1 Cycling full report – October 2019
1.3.1 Cycling roadshow Q4 – April 2020

Code: 1.3.2 Activity: Health & Wellbeing Event (1&2) including the arts push Delivered By: Boston Borough Council

1.3.2 Active Boston Q1 – July 2019
1.3.2 Active Boston Q2 – October 2019
1.3.2 Active Boston Q4 – April 2020

Code: 1.4.1 Activity: Mental Wellbeing Sessions / Promotional Events Delivered By: Boston Samaritans

1.4.1 Boston Samaritans Q1 report – July 2019
1.4.1 Boston SAMARITANS Q2 – October 2019
1.4.1 Boston SAMARITANS Q3 – January 2020
1.4.1 Boston SAMARITANS Q4 – April 2020

Code: 1.5.1 Activity: Communities Craft Classes Delivered By: BLIC

1.5.1 BLIC Q1 – July 2019