DriverBoston Big Local supports Boston Community Transport (BCT) as part of Theme 1 of our plan – Health and Wellbeing. We have partnered with Boston Community Transport in a bid to reduce social and rural isolation and improve quality of life. Their latest quarterly report for the months of October to December 2017 reflects a busy period for the organisation.

In all, there were 71 community transport journeys within the Boston Big Local catchment area in October, 74 in November and 56 up to 13 December (when the report was written). Figures show that over 90% of the journeys currently made through Boston Community Transport are health related, but BCT is aiming to increase awareness of alternative ways to use the service, such as for travelling to social clubs, the hairdresser, or visiting the shops.

With this in mind, BCT has created new marketing materials to help promote the service they offer and a huge promotional campaign is planned for early January.

The organisation is also looking to recruit more administration volunteers in the new year, so if you are interested in offering your time and help, please get in touch with Boston Community Transport directly.

Here are some of the comments received by Boston Community Transport from people who have received assistance from the service:

Mrs P – “You provide such a wonderful service, you really do.  I can’t speak highly enough of you.”

Mrs DP – “I always have the same two drivers, they are such lovely gentlemen. I’ve recommended you to everyone in my warden assisted village.”

Mrs C – “Your new young lady driver is so kind.”

Mrs L – “I am new to the scheme and I have used you three times. Each one has been truly wonderful. Thank you.”

You can find out more about Boston Community Transport, including details of how to book transport or volunteer at