For the last few summers, we have invested in the installation of the beach in central park, along with a few events for children, the elderly, people with dementia and those who experience learning difficulties.

This year, the main beach event was held on the 15 and 16th of August. Even though the weather was not perfect, it was well attended.

Along with the beach, this year there was also giant tortoises, donkey rides and many other activities for children to participate in.

Let’s be honest, what is a trip to the beach without ice cream. So we sorted that by placing a £400 kitty in the ice cream van so that every child who attended could have free ice cream.

In addition to the two-day beach event there were also special beach days for parts of the community to come and experience the seaside:

  • Fun in the sun was held on the 23rd July for those with additional needs and their carer’s. The feedback was very positive:

    “No one wanted to go home”

    “Hope these sessions are repeated as the 3 young people I brought along have had so much fun. It’s brilliant thank you.”

  • Back in Time was held for people with dementia on the 30th July and once again on the 20th August. One attendee shared:

    “I have really enjoyed watching my mum here at the beach. she has loved it.”

  • Golden Time was held on the 6th and 22nd of August for the elderly population. More positive views:

    “This has been fab. I have really enjoyed it. The singing was brilliant. Please, please do it again.”

This year we contributed £8500 (plus the ice cream money) to enable the beach and the events to happen.

Initial estimates suggest that, including public visits, the beach was used by around 10,000 people! That means our investment works out at less than £1 per person. Though I am sure you will agree our investment in the beach has had a much bigger impact on those who attended and experienced the beach.

The way BBL has set itself up is to facilitate events and community activities and not to run them. This ensures that we act as an enabler.

With this in mind, such a popular event would not be possible without Boston Borough Council organising it. A job the council continues to do so well.
Here are some further comments:

“Lovely day out for the children and it’s FREE I couldn’t believe it.”

“This is an excellent event and brings the community together and it is even better that is FREE”

“Fantastic event for the whole family to enjoy. Amazing that it is FREE. The children have had a great time.”

Due to the popularity of this event, we are pleased to say that we are delighted to be funding it again in 2020.

We look forward to seeing you at the beach next year.

Please do read Boston Borough Councils full report from Fran Taylor. This report needs to be submitted after the event in order for us to release the £8500 to the council for putting on the beach event for us.


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