With the Big Local Project coming to an end, the 27th and 28th of October saw the final Big Local Connect take place in Nottingham.

You may be most aware of Boston Big Local having £1 Million to invest in the centre of Boston, however, there are a further 149 other Big Locals that are investing £1 Million into their area.

The Big Local Connects has been a fantastic opportunity for all 150 Big Local areas to meet and exchange ideas.

With most Big Local’s either coming to an end or already ending, this last Big Local connect was one final opportunity for us all to meet and reflect on the differences we have all made.

Our Chair, Richard Tory along with our Co-ordinator Katy Roberts and 3 Panel Members, Mike, Jody and Mark were the representatives from Boston Big Local.

For different reasons, they all very much enjoyed it and got a lot from the conference.

Rich attended different talks and had a good conversation with the CEO of the Local Trust, who is the organisation that oversees the 150 Big Local Areas.

Jody took the opportunity to go on the visit supplied to Nottinghamshire Farm and Zoo projects.

All who attended made the most of this final chance to network with like-minded people.