At the end of November 2014, the steering group voted to end because it had accomplished its role as an interim body in helping establish Boston Big Local.

Those residents living in the Boston Big Local area who had been involved or who had recently expressed interest in becoming involved then met as a shadow group to explore what its function would be and therefore what form it felt was best for the job.

The group met in December and January to approve the background profile, which was well received and acclaimed by Local Trust, review the plan, guide the plan co-ordinator in developing the detail of the plan and consider the new partnership constitution.

The December draft of the Boston Big Local plan was posted to the website for wider consultation and comment. The shadow partnership agreed a series of community events to share the plan with residents in February and a leaflet to advertise this to every household.

In January the shadow partnership met to review, amend and approve the detail of the partnership agreement and this is due to be signed in February by 11 residents, TaylorITEX as the Local Trusted Organisation, Rachel Lauberts as the plan co-ordinator and Bill Badham as the Big Local Rep. These last three are non-voting advisory members.

Newly formed as the Boston Big Local partnership, further meetings will be minuted and these posted to the website. The ambition of the partnership is that the plan is submitted to Local Trust at the end of February, reviewed and finalised in March, approved and launched in April.