Pullup As part of the ‘Encouraging Enterprise’ Theme in our plan for 2017-2019 we support the Boston Hanse Group which works to promote Boston’s history and links with the Hanseatic League, create new international trade links and boost the town’s visitor economy.

Their latest report lists some of the activities that have been undertaken in what has been a very busy quarter for the group. Through a series of meetings with local business, schools and colleges, arts and heritage organisations and the local council, the Boston Hanse Group is helping to build civic pride, encourage community and business involvement, and continues to support Boston’s membership of the New Hanse.

Their activities introduce the people of Boston to the town’s history and explain the benefits of a wider partnership with other towns, cities and countries.

On 27 May Boston held its second International Hanseatic Day celebrations, as reported in the Boston Standard. It was a successful event which included music, dancing, spinning and a procession through the market place, led by Boston’s medieval re-enactment group The Knights of Skirbeck. The Boston Hanse Group handed out information at the event to promote the town’s membership of the Hanseatic League.

leafletsThe Boston Hanse Group has also produced a Merchant’s Trail leaflet on the history of Boston, which has been well received by local residents and visitors to the town. The group has also supported the publication of two new local history books: Boston’s Forgotten Crusade by Andrew Hoyle, which tells the story of the small army that sailed from Boston in 1390 to take part in the crusade that invaded the Grand Duchy of Lithuania; and Rediscovering England’s Hanseatic Heritage: Medieval Boston by Dr Pamela Cawthorne, which explores Boston’s membership of the historic Hanseatic League.

Both of these publications are selling well and are available to buy from Waterstones in Boston.