As many of you are aware Boston Big Local were instrumental in creating Boston UK Historic Trumps and the Boston Uk Edition of Monopoly. We had no idea how popular both would become.

Even though we included a few walking options with the Trumps cards, we never thought about this when creating the Monopoly or just how far the walk concept could go.

On the 14th of April, this changed with a rather lovely Facebook post on Boston the People page. In the post, Kirsty Higgs shares how she also walked to every place that appeared on the Boston Monopoly board. This is what Kirsty shared on Facebook:

Kirsty's Facebook Post

Having completed the Historic Boston UK Trumps Challenge yesterday morning, it was straight into the Boston UK Edition Monopoly Challenge.
I decided against the quickest route, instead opting to visit each place in the order it appears on the board (although at over 30 miles of walking for this challenge, my calves are now screaming at me!).
As per the last challenge, I’ve seen more new places and learnt more of the history of the town. Interestingly, it took me some time to find the Fisherman’s Memorial, as this is not on Google Maps, nor is there hardly any information on the Internet at all about this. Everyone I asked in town, wasn’t aware of it.
Can I now collect my £200 please?!?
If anyone has any other suggestions for walking challenges I can complete around the town, please do let me know. Ideally, each challenge will be 5+ miles long.

One person in the comments section said: “I love this idea. Also, the recommendation to visit every street. Could get a Boston map and highlight roads walked. Might give this a try!”

At BBL we all love this idea and would like to thank Kirsty for her enthusiasm in the town, Boston Monopoly and Trumps. We also hope she and her calves have recovered from all of her walking.

Below you can see Kirsty’s images of each place on the Boston UK Monopoly Board alongside the photo that she took on her epic walk:

Kirsty’s next challenge is to complete the Boston to Skegness Coastal Walk on Friday 8th September 2023 for Cancer Research. If you would like to sponsor her you can at: