We are delighted to announce that our Boston Profile is now completed, printed and delivered to the Local Trust.  This profile is a mandatory document required by Local Trust and its purpose is to provide them and the profile readership with an overview of the Big Local area it represents.  This robust profile has been collated collectively by Boston Big Local and has been edited and amended by the group and by individuals who have offered additional information and amendments throughout.  As a group we completely appreciate that some of the statistical information contained within can be subjected to higher levels of scrutiny however, group feeling is that we have provided an unbiased and balanced overview of the town from the information available to us. We hope you enjoy it.

This is a great step forward to being closer to finalising the Boston Big Local Plan and being firmly placed  to start drawing down parts of the £1 million award to the Town.  There is yet still much exciting work to be achieved and a team are working at forming the Resident Panel, establishing core partnerships with local organisations and companies, and writing the Boston Big Local Plan.

Watch this space for further news!

View the Boston Profile

“It is clear that a great deal of effort and time has gone into drawing together this local knowledge to produce your profile for the area. It is great to see how your priorities have emerged and how you have arrived at your vision for making the area an even better place to live. It looks like it acts as a sure foundation to pave the way for your Big Local plan. Thank you all for the hard work.”

Leila Wong
Communications and learning co-ordinator
Local Trust