At our meeting on the 11th of May, we had a visit from Janet Corcoran and Heather Wright from The Boston Stitchers.

They showed us the sketches and some patches that have been returned and created by them ready for their latest book.

We also had a chance to see the amazing 2020 book they completed.

Janet and Heather shared some of the creative challenges they had to overcome. Like how to keep the books open once they are displayed on the walls. Their clever solution, with the help of Janet’s engineering-trained husband, was to use picture frames and bind the books inside the back. They then added elastic loops to each page edge and had a wooden knob screwed into the frame.

As the only funder for this project, we are extremely proud of the legacy these books will leave for our town. Interestingly, we learned how our funding helped during Lockdown by paying for the postage and envelopes to send out 2-inch squares for people to embroider for the book. One person even fed back that they felt the connection they had through this project saved their life.