Before creating the Boston Historic Trump Cards, we had been hoping to have a Boston Monopoly Board.

With the success of the trump cards in raising Boston’s profile and funds for good causes in Boston, it was decided we would invest in funding a Hasbro branded Boston Monopoly game. Boston Borough Council joined us with an, around, 20% investment from their Empowering Healthy Communities fund towards ensuring the creation of the game.

The Boston Monopoly Board which will cost £30 each will have Boston Themed Playing Pieces, Community Chest and Chance Cards, and Locations around the outside of the board.


Boston Monopoly

As long as all goes to plan, the 1500 Monopoly Boards will be delivered to us in the first week of December ready for their launch the following week.

To ensure you have your Boston Monopoly Board(s) ready for Christmas you can either reserve your game (coming soon), purchase yours at the launch (more info soon) or buy from a local charity and organisation after the launch.

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