Richard’s speech for the Buoys Project Official opening on the 3rd July 2021.

As Chairman of Boston Big Local I have been looking forward to this day ever since the project was first outlined to me by Ian Farmer, four years ago, at a planning meeting for our second Two Year Plan.

As part of a Boston in Bloom project we were offered two potential scenarios for our investment.

The worst case would involve re-painting FIVE buoys – donated by the Port of Boston – which were to be located around the town, as a reflection of Boston’s maritime heritage.

Whilst the best case depended upon Nick Jones (at TRANSPORTED ARTS) submitting a successful application to the Arts Council.

I think it is obvious which scenario we are here to celebrate today.

As the project progressed it attracted additional support – notably from the Borough Council and the Environment Agency – which helped elevate it from its original, humble aims to this wonderful celebration of Boston’s historic and ongoing links with the sea and the wider world beyond.

Relatively recently Local Trust – the organization that oversees the Big Local Project – has been requesting proof of an enduring Legacy and I believe that, in the Buoys Project, we have achieved the first requirement. Afterall, even if people forget over the years, who brought this project to the town, the sheer size and multiple locations of the buoys will require concerted effort from many people to remove them now that they are here.

To conclude I would like to thank everyone involved in bringing this project to fruition, from Headline artists, who envisioned the final outcome, to the unknown Spear-Carriers, who helped turn it into reality.