This past Guy Fawkes night our funding panel were sharing their own version of sparklers by investing money in groups from the Boston Big Local Area to help with their COVID response.

These are the good cause we have supported:

Scott House

To purchase PPE and outdoor equipment for service users at Scott House

Boston Community Transport

Contribution towards running costs and PPE for volunteers due to the challenges of COVID-19

Boston Sea Cadets

Contribution towards venue hire due to temporarily needing to meet away from their normal venue

The Local Community Centre

To install wi-fi at the Centre to allow for groups who hire the hall to access the internet and to be able to deliver sessions online.

Blackfriars Arts Centre

Contribution towards air ventilation system needed due to COVID-19 Guidelines

Restore Church

Contribution towards equipment for a new Social Supermarket set-up in Boston

Boston Belle

Contribution towards repairs needed to the boats who provide boat trips in Boston

Blackfriars Theatre Academy

Unable to do their Community Showcase as initially planned so our contribution was towards the video equipment to enable its completion by being recorded.

If your group or charity is in the BBL area or can show that it helps support people in the BBL area and is in need of some support through these tough times.

All you need to do is follow the instructions and fill in our Simple 5 Minute Funding Form