FloatLocal people have been taking part in a series of fun and innovative FloatFit sessions at the Geoff Moulder Leisure Centre. The sessions, which have been running four times a week since the end of September, last for around 45 minutes. Those taking part can also have a free swim before or after each session. 

FloatFit is running thanks to Boston Big Local funding which was used to purchase a Platinum Club Package from AquaPhysical which included all of the equipment, training and know-how needed to deliver the FloatFit sessions. Boston Borough Council also provided a training venue and the pool time to enable the sessions to take place.

37 sessions have been run so far in both the daytime and evenings with a total of 249 attendees, 15 of whom were residents of the BBL area. Almost 52% of the people attending the sessions were non-members. So far, over £900 of income has been generated from the Float Fit sessions and this will be used towards the cost of delivering the triathlon events offered for adults and children.

Here’s what some of the FloatFit participants had to say:

“I’ve never done a fitness class before, as I felt it wasn’t for me, but I have really enjoyed this class. It is great fun and also gives a good workout.”

“I love attending FloatFit classes. They are innovative and fun exercises which have certainly helped with my core strength in other classes. I would definitely recommend it to everyone to give it a go.

“Thoroughly enjoyed the classes. Definitely felt the impact of the class the next day and would definitely recommend.”

“Fitness and fun while floating, no surfing required, though a little balance helps! I thoroughly enjoyed it. It didn’t feel like a workout until after, when I hurt.”

“I don’t particularly enjoy exercising, but this is a fun and exciting way to do low impact high intensity interval training, which gives a full body workout.”

A spokesperson for Geoff Moulder Leisure Complext said: “FloatFit is proving to be a good entry point into physical activity. A number of the people taking part are new to the centre and to exercise in general, but they have enjoyed the sessions so much that they have since attended regularly and have now progressed onto other classes such as Clubbercise.”

To find out more about the FloatFit sessions, visit the Geoff Moulder Leisure Centre’s website.