We, the residents at, Boston Big Local are pleased to support the Lincolnshire Credit Union.

Lincolnshire Credit Union is a local community-based savings and loans co-operative for anyone who lives or works in Lincolnshire.

Credit unions put their members first and provide them with financial services they need in the UK since 1964.

Based in Chantry House in Lincoln Lane Boston Lincolnshire Credit Union support those in need of financial support as a fair alternative to short-term high-interest loan companies that take advantage of those in need. It is operated by 5 local volunteers and continues to open for 2-part days per week: Tuesdays from 2pm to 4pm and Thursdays from 12pm to 2pm.

Over the last 3 months, our funding of £750 supported Boston Lincolnshire Credit Union to:

  • Have their Business Development Officer (BDO) visited Framework in Boston to deliver a presentation about how the credit union could help their service users.
  • Have their BDO and 3 volunteers attend a Universal Credit presentation delivered by DWP so they could understand how Universal Credit can affect their members.
  • Attend our ‘Active Boston, Health and Wellbeing Event’.
  • Purchase a Samsung tablet to the Access Point so our volunteers in Boston can help the members to complete the joining/loans applications forms online and send them copies of IDs through email, making our processes quicker for the member. In addition, their mobile app is now available for Android and iOS, the members in the area can go to the access point to access their accounts through the app and check their account/loan balances, request a withdrawal or an account statement, apply for a loan, etc.
  • Deliver the tablet and training on how to use the tablet and the mobile app.
  • Invite their members within the BBL area to use the new mobile app.

Boston Lincolnshire Credit Union Achievements

The table below details the membership of the credit union as at 30th September 2018

Number of members = 40
Value of savings = £29,361
Number of borrowers = 12
Value of loans = £14,276
New members since 01/07/17 = 4
New borrowers since 01/07/17 = 1
Value of loans granted since 01/07/17 = £684

4 new members from the BBL area joined in the quarter, 1 male and 3 females. Postcodes of new members from June to September as follows.

We are really pleased how far the £750 has taken the volunteers at the Boston Lincolnshire Credit Union and want to congratulate them on the great work they do help people in the Boston Big Local area.