Prior to the pandemic, we supported the Memory Lane group to meet up and support people with dementia to the tune of £1000 per quarter. You can read an example of their report here to see the outstanding work that they do.

Since March 2020, our funding has enabled LHP staff to reach their Memory Lane clients in a different way by making wellbeing calls. These calls have made referrals into the Neighbourhood Team, Social Prescribing colleagues, Admiral Nurses, Lincs Sensory Service and other agencies to offer support for needs that LHP is unable to meet.

Here is an example LHP has shared:
We now call Mrs A every day. She lives alone and the only person she sees each day is someone delivering her lunch – who doesn’t have time to chat, as they have lots of other dinners to deliver too. We have noticed a marked decline over the months and now some days, Mrs A finds it hard to speak in sentences and words and phrases are spoken but they’re disjointed and disconnected and don’t make sense. This is hard. It’s hard for her as she sometimes knows she’s not making sense and can’t find the words she needs. It’s hard for the person making the call, as you want to understand to respond appropriately but sometimes it’s impossible. We always ask if she has everything she needs and she always says, “Just pop and have a cup of tea with me. That’s all I need.”
This is the reality. (Read the full report here)

This heartbreaking example of the loneliness that is experienced through this pandemic and the support given to the Memory Lane clients shows how we can all come together to make a tough situation that little more bearable.

Boston Big Local is pleased to able to adapt our criteria to enable the continued support for those with Dementia in the BBL area.