On the 20th of March, Local Trust Plan Assessor, Anne Sherriff visited us to review our fifth and final plan with us.

Anne and Local Trust loved our plan and are happy to release the funds we need to invest in our area.

You can read what Anne has to say below:

Thank you for welcoming me to Boston a few weeks ago. I very much enjoyed chatting to all of you, and looking at your displays of what you have achieved. I loved your Monopoly and Trumps games and I am not surprised that they proved popular and you sold them all so fast. I was particularly impressed that you insisted upon authentic artwork, in order to create a true Monopoly game, not just something that looked a bit like one. Your use of the media to get your messages across has been both innovative and powerful.

As ever, I was impressed, too, that you have planned ahead for your legacy. This has clearly been years in the making and you have thought it through with care. Your attention to the detail of delivering your projects has been formidable, ensuring SLAs were in place and due diligence rigorously pursued. I know it hasn’t always been easy, especially at the beginning, but you show every sign of achieving your objectives and meeting your aims.

You work well as a team, and you have forged powerful alliances with the council, with Age UK and with your delivery partners. These relationships have been a key component in your success. You have clearly developed skills, which I hope you will continue to use in future activity.

Your commitment to community engagement has been consistent throughout the duration of the programme. You have remained true to what your community needs from their Big Local. You have shown determination in persevering, but also the insight to know when to stop. The Five Lights’ day may come, but not yet.

I have enjoyed my visits to you over the last decade, and I wish you every success for the final months of your Big Local journey.