Reviews Concept. Folders in Catalog.At the beginning of last month we reported on how we had been reflecting and reviewing our Boston Big Local Plan.

The plan review considered:

  • what Boston Big Local has achieved
  • the impact we have made
  • what’s going well, and what isn’t going as planned
  • how things can be improved and
  • what we have learned so far.


The review was also an opportunity for the partnership to reflect on progress, celebrate achievements and plan for future years. Once the review was completed, it was submitted to Local Trust. They have since ‘reviewed our review’ and provided us with feedback on the methods we used to complete it, as well as the content of the review itself. Local Trust will use our plan review in the assessment process for future funding agreements for the Boston Big Local area and analyse it (along with reviews from other areas) to learn lessons from the Big Local programme as a whole.

Here’s what they liked about the Boston Big Local plan review:

“You thoroughly answered the nine review questions. The links provided to your website and Twitter pages contained extra information that added depth and perspective to your review. The ‘what’s changed’ section provided excellent examples of your activities. It’s great to hear that you collect information about your activities and reflect on your progress regularly. You are already thinking about and collecting information to record and determine the impact of Big Local in the community over the long-term. The inclusion of individual comments from partnership members provided further insight into the review process.”

Local Trust also provided suggestions on how we can make our review process even better. They said:

“This is an excellent review – keep up the good work! You are already using a number of methods to collect information to determine your impact. As part of your plan review you might want to consider other types of evidence that can help us, and your Big Local area, see the impact you’re having. Vox pops are a great way to capture the views of community members at events, and simple and easy to complete surveys or questionnaires at events can help the partnership get feedback on specific issues.”

You can read the full assessment report from Local Trust here on our website.

Boston Big Local will continue to regularly review our plan and the activities being delivered, and we will report on progress and ‘what’s changed’ here on our website.