Our fourth plan runs from April 2021 through to March 2023, now as we near the end of this plan we review the following:

  • Our vision and intended legacy
  • Our achievements and learning
  • Our legacy
  • Looking forward

You can read our review of our 2021-23 plan here.

This review is then sent to the central Local Trust in London for their feedback on our review.

This is what Local Trust has to say about our plan review:

What we liked about your plan review.

  • It’s great that you updated your community profile, making good use of the latest data on Local Insight, including the release of the 2021 Census findings. This has helped you to further your knowledge of the most up to date community needs.
  • You have collected data on how many residents attended groups and activities, how many residents completed surveys and how many followers engage on social media.
  • This recorded information is really good to track community engagement across your projects and contribute to your overall ‘Big Local story’ of achievements.
  • You used a variety of methods and tools as part of your review, such as surveys, short quotes, and data from Local Insight. It is good to use different methods to gather feedback, to get a broad picture on how priorities are being met.

‘Make It Happen’ support or events that might be of interest.

  • You might want to take a look at ‘Practical ways for communities to navigate the energy crisis’ to help reduce fuel poverty for those in your community. The link contains signposting information to support, such as free leaflets and fuel vouchers.
  • There is free bespoke support with the Directory of Social Change, that offers either one-off or a series of workshops on various topics, such as strategic planning and decision making. Email support@localtrust.org.uk if you’d like to find out more.

You can read the full review feedback from Local Trust here.