In April 2019, our new 2-year plan will come into effect. The first step of this journey happened on the 11th October 2018 at the Len Medlock Centre.

Our meeting was a great success in brainstorming ideas and concepts that could fall in our new plan which fit within each of our themes:

  1. Health and Wellbeing
  2. A More Attractive Environment
  3. Build Community Spirit
  4. Encouraging Enterprise

The meeting started with a welcome from our chair Richard Tory, before the Big Local rep for Boston, Bill Badham explained the current research and statistics for the Boston Area.

Rachel Lauberts, the BBL facilitator, then split all the partners into 4 groups. One for each theme. Each group then spent 30 minutes discussing ideas before rotating to the next theme.

The ideas from this meeting will be collated and take in the stage of the development of our next 2-year plan.