Back in November, Restore Church filled in our simple 5 Minute Funding Form to apply for COVID-19 support to help set up the Social Supermarket. Restore Pantry will be its name and we invested £4500 to purchase shelving and other equipment.

The Pantry will be open for everyone to use and it works by paying a one-off visit fee of £3.50 for singles/couples and £5 for families.

To learn more about the Pantry, please watch the video below:

Restore Church boston is now running a pantry to help families with food shopping single persons/couple is £3.50 a…

Posted by Karen Middleton on Sunday, 20 December 2020

If you feel that we could help your group with funding that will support the people of the Boston Big Local, please fill in our simple 5 Minute Funding Form and we will consider your request.