Encouraging Enterprise (2021-2023)

Boston Big Local will support the coordination of existing activities that encourage enterprise and fund additional activities where there is an identified need. A lead delivery partner will coordinate the activities under each priority and any activities or services funded will not replace statutory services.

Outcomes for all priorities under this theme

We will know we have made a difference when:

  • There is evidence of closer Partnership working to help Boston become stronger, resilient and forward thinking.
  • Residents of the Boston Big Local area tell us they have benefited from financial advice and support.
  • Residents and local businesses tell us there is a greater entrepreneurial spirit and successful enterprise culture.

To achieve these outcomes, the Partnership Group decided on three priorities:

  • Support residents in financial difficulty.
  • Make more of Boston’s history to promote the town.
  • Promote small businesses start-up.

Agreed activities

Theme 4 (2021-2023)


Code: 4.1.1 Activity: Directly supporting residents in Financial Difficulty Delivered By: Citizens Advice Mid Lincolnshire
April – June 2021 Report
October – December 2021 Report

Code: 4.2.1 Activity: Promoting Boston’s heritage through the Trumps Cards Delivered By: Boston Big Local
First report coming soon.

Code: 4.3.1 Activity: Raising the profile of Boston Delivered By: Boston Big Local
First report coming soon.

Code: 4.4.1 Activity: Encouraging Enterprise Activities Delivered By: Unallocated
Christmas in Boston Report October – December 2021 Report